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Lor Patch 0.9.4 Notes Buffs Nerfs

Several changes made to Legends of Runeterra champions for the upcoming Lor patch 0.9.4 were leaked today via mobile devices. 

There is one more major patch in LoR prior to the digital game’s official launch on PC and mobile on April 30. But there are players who already have access to the mobile version, whether legitimately in Singapore or via “other means.” A Reddit user posted the images today, revealing changes to Yasuo, Katarina, and Kalista, Vanguard Bannerman, Frenzied Skitterer, and Brightsteel Formation. 

If the changes are indeed legitimate, they have the potential to drastically shift the meta prior to the LoR launch and the new set release. 

Lor Patch 0.9.4 Notes


  • Health: Increased from three to four


  • Level Up: I’ve seen 3+ allies die


  • Play: Create a [Fleeting] Blade’s Edge in hand. Level Up: I’ve struck once. When I level up, recall me.

Vanguard Bannerman

  • Allegiance: Grant other allies +1|+1

Frenzied Skitterer

  • Health: Decreased from three to two

Brightsteel Formation

  • Keyword Barrier removed 

When release date Lor Patch 0.9.4 ?

The new set and official launch out of open beta for LoR will take place on April 28 for PC and April 30 via mobile. The final update prior to the game’s release will take place this coming Tuesday, April 14.

These are what we know about LoL 10.8 patch notes, TFT 10.8 patch noteslol 10.7 Tier List you can find here. Keep following for patch notes and when new changes will come we’ll be sharing it with you. 


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