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Best Rifles in VALORANT

Like most first-person shooters, however, best rifles in valorant each rifle has its pros and cons when it comes to one’s playstyle and ability. There are rifles for every situation, but only one gun can stand tall above the rest.

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Best Rifles in VALORANT

Here are the best rifles in VALORANT


Best Rifles in VALORANT

AK-47 enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Vandal is the spiritual successor to one of the FPS world’s most beloved weapons. The Vandal shreds through enemies with ease but suffers from heavy recoil that requires some getting used to. It has a 25-round magazine and deals 156 damage with a headshot.

What makes this gun so good, however, is that there isn’t any damage drop off over a distance of 50 meters. As a result, players with good accuracy will be rewarded heavily with instant headshots, and heavy damage—that is if you can master the weapon’s recoil pattern.


Best Rifles in VALORANT
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As the silenced sister to the Vandal, this sleek rifle will garner comparisons to CS:GO‘s M4A1—the weapon is automatic as well but has a higher fire rate and a 30-round magazine. Recoil isn’t as strong on the Phantom either, which makes it the perfect weapon for short to mid-ranged skirmishes.

The only problem with this rifle is the damage drop off it has when a player gets into a long-range firefight. For example, it deals the same amount of damage as the Vandal with a close-range headshot, but once you get into the 15 to 30-meter mark, that damage is reduced by 16. At 30 to 50 meters, that damage is reduced even further by 16, which could prove problematic on certain maps and peek angles.

Even still, the weapon is a laser in the right hands, and in the right situations. Agents that like to get up close and personal might consider picking up a Phantom to shut down the enemy team quickly and quietly.


Best Rifles in VALORANT
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The Guardian is a semi-automatic rifle that is only deadly if you can consistent with your accuracy. It costs 200 fewer credits than the Vandal and Phantom, but can’t really be relied on in a close-quarter combat situation.

If you aren’t too confident with your aim just yet, you might want to pick up an automatic option from the buy menu—if you’re in the zone, however, then this could be a great weapon to hold angles during medium to long-range firefights.


Best Rifles in VALORANT
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The Bulldog is the cheapest rifle in the game, sitting at a thrifty 2,100 credits in the buy menu. The reason for its price drop is because of its lack of damage, but if your team is lacking damage and money, the Bulldog actually brings plenty of bang for your buck.

Its recoil is manageable enough, and for 800 credits less than the Vandal or Phantom, this could allow you to pick up some much-needed armor or abilities to help win a crucial round.


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