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How to play Brimstone in VALORANT

If you’ve just hopped into the VALORANT closed beta and you’re looking for an agent to master, you might want to take a shot at Brimstone Valorant.

The American military master brings great utility and massive damage with his ultimate ability. He’s one of the more essential agents in the game for any composition.

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Here’s everything you need to know about how to play Brimstone.

Brimstone VALORANT


  • Incendiary: Launch an incendiary grenade that deploys a damaging field of fire.
  • Stim Beacon: Target a nearby location to call in a Stim Beacon, giving all players near it Rapidfire.
  • Signature Ability – Sky Smoke: Use your map to call in orbital deployment smokescreens that obscure vision. Click to set the locations, and confirm to launch.
  • Ultimate – Orbital Strike: Use your map to target a location, launching a devastating orbital strike that pulses for high damage over several seconds.

With a plethora of abilities that resemble familiar utility from other tactical shooters, many players will feel right at home with Brimstone’s playstyle. Incendiary plays like a Molotov for zone control, while Sky Smoke plays as three precise, global smoke grenades.

Stim Beacon provides your team with Rapidfire in a gunfight, while his ultimate, Orbital Strike, can flush out some entrenched enemies over a specific target location. He brings plenty to the battle, whether you’re defending a bombsite or attacking one.


Brimstone VALORANT

Brimstone is a perfect agent for those coming over from CS:GO, which is all about precise, well-planned attacks and stalwart defense. When defending a bombsite, he has plenty of zone control with Incendiary and Sky Smoke. He can boost his allies’ attack speed, too.

On offense, on the other hand, he’s great for smoking off certain angles that the defenders could be holding. He can also flush out players who are camping around points with fire.

His Orbital Strike is great in most situations since it can either snuff out an enemy attempt at taking a bombsite or it can force defenders to move out from the angles they’re holding. It also does a ton of damage, which should force anyone to move from its area-of-effect.

Use Brimstone to set up your team’s bombsite take or squash the opposition’s attack by forcing them into bad decisions with some well-placed utility.


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