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How To Remake In Valorant?

How to remake in Valorant? All players want to use the new coming remake feature. Because this new feature improves the surrender, which is very demoralizing for the players. It allows you to continue in the game without demoralizing.

What Is Remake In Valorant?

Remake in Valorant, allows players to get a second chance to compete in the same match without having to surrender. Remake, the match made can be canceled completely, and without any MMR or XP adjustments, existing players queue for another match.

How To Use Remake In Valorant?

You can remake in the game very simply. If you feel that there is an unstable matchmaking in the game or you notice abnormalities in the game, follow the steps below:

  • Invite everyone to vote by typing “/ remake” in the team chat.
  • It will be as in the surrender vote. Players decide the fate of the game by choosing one of the voting options they face.
  • If a remake is released as a result of voting, all players will be removed from the round and queued for a new match.

It’s that easy to make a remake, but only valid until the end of the buy phase.


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