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Valorant crosshair settings, offers numerous possibilities for customization. It can sound like an insignificant detail but helping you target faster and more precisely is crucial.

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While looking for the best Valorant crosshair settings the key criteria is to find the balance between being visible in any situation without preventing you from staying focused or seeing the target. Now a few tips about the VALORANT crosshair settings 

Valorant Crosshair Settings

Valorant Crosshair Settings
Valorant Crosshair Settings

Crosshair Color

In the Crosshair settings, it is usually a good idea to start by choosing a different color than the default color given in the beginning. Lines that are vivid in color, such as red or green, are usually easier to be seen than black or white since they are not adaptive to the environment.


Outlines add thickness to it and crosshair makes it easier to detect. However, picking a bright color here isn’t beneficial.

Movement and Firing Error

This option can be enabled for both the inner and outer lines of the crosshair. Movements and firing errors arise when the bullets scatter by your moves, whether walking or running and because you kickback by shooting continuously.

To hold a target consistent throughout all times it can be useful for beginners to disable the center dots. Put them on the outlines. It’s the four points that emanate across targets whilst errors are open. To become more accurate this can help you remember to stop moving or firing. You can deactivate them after acquiring the required reflexes.

Outer Lines

Outlines are mainly beneficial to place motion and firing errors. It’s helpful for beginners or if you’re pretty sure they won’t bother you, but generally, they’re rarely turned on.

Valorant Crosshair Settings Used by Professional Publishers

valorant crosshair settings

The crosshair settings used by the most popular VALORANT publishers are. As you can see, there is no such thing as a perfect crosshair. In general, however, nearly all of them have in common the fact that they are small and also have a vibrant color.

It’s also not a mistake to note that the crosshair occasionally adjusts, because the player’s choice to display the crosshair inside the game is activated by default. You can turn it off in Crosshair settings.

The easiest way to find the best fit Valorant crosshair setting is to practice with the options and test a couple of them in the game. Then you’ll eventually discover which is the one you are most comfortable with.


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